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A six-story, 53-unit apartment building completed in 2015 built by Cristom Construction where our team resurrected a stalled project. By completely redesigning previously approved plans, we increased the building footprint and ceiling heights to achieve this beautiful steel and brick building fitting the contextual style of the neighborhood.

Six-story, 27-unit mixed use building located in the heart of Woodside, Queens. This project features a creative mix of uses, building materials, outdoor spaces to be enjoyed by tenants including balconies, a rooftop recreation area, and communal rear yard area with barbecues which may be viewed upon from the glass walled elevator.



A "boutique" condominium project containing eight apartments. We managed to utilize the full potential available for this, typically small Brooklyn lot by obtaining air rights from the neighbor and gaining an extra dwelling unit for this building. Reclaimed brick, large custom windows, multi-level yard spaces, rooftop recreation and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline are just some of the featured characteristics of this high-end multiple dwelling. This property is exemplifies our proficiency in utilizing complex NYC zoning regulations to the client's advantage and ability to achieve successful architectural design.

This four-story, seven family building completed in 2023, features an open roof terrace and parking lot in the back. Located in the heart of Astoria, Queens, this property showcases the intricacy of design with a modern look and porcelain panel rain-screen facade. Additionally, this building features floor to ceiling windows with an exposed concrete industrial look. Navigating NYC zoning regulations, we maximized the potential floor area by creating multiple split levels and open-to-below spaces within the building.


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