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Complete Architectural Services

Bring your vision to life by calling Christopher V Papa Architect PC. We offer a complete range of architectural services, including building design, construction documentation, and code consulting.

Context-Sensitive Design

Our designs have a contemporary look and feel that is highly sensitive to the context of the location. We take the characteristics of the local area into account and help you determine how to develop your site to its fullest potential. Our team works on both large- and small-scale projects that range from daycares to housing developments.

Permits Made Simple

Building and remodeling in New York City can seem extremely complex — but we make the whole process easy. Our team has years of experience working with all the necessary city agencies to design, build, and improve buildings throughout the area.

Our Process

We begin with a site evaluation and develop preliminary plans in close collaboration with our clients. When the evaluation is complete, we recommend a designer to create renderings of the finished project. Once the design has been finalized, we file the plans and create construction documents. Our goal is to help you realize your vision and deliver a design that exceeds your expectations.

Construction Work